Tool for building a habit

It has been over two years since June 17, 2015. Nine people dead at Emanuel AME  Church in Charleston, SC.

The struggle to build relationships across the racial divide began with a resolution to do it.

Then the inevitable distractions take over. How do I organize myself sufficiently to make the calls?
After several attempts, the idea came to use a dedicated memo pad. Surely, I thought, it will need no more than 81 pages, if that.  A page per month for the nine people I am committed to calling. The first of those pages would be a name and cell number listing. The remaining pages would contain a record of calls, with any follow up notes created.
My first memo pad attempt broke down within a week, as the pad I selected was too small and the binding was a glue-in variety, which released pages after a few times of being opened and shut. It did fit in my pocket, and was about the size of my cell phone. The second attempt had a sewn binding, but was too large, I kept leaving it, so it was not readily available when needed.
A friend who loves Moleskine pads triggered a desire to find a conveniently sized pad. It has fewer pages than preferred, but the size (at 3″ x 5″) and binding (64 pages sewn in) are just about right. Surely it will last long enough to get the calling habit in place.
Now the task is to coordinate lists, prayers, call dialings, notes… a simple matter, right? The struggle to get started may be a clue to how important this work can become.