Events: Phone or Video

To engage with me on one or more of the three themes I am pursuing, I propose a monthly opportunity to talk with you.

The way it will work:
I will pick three times in a month for an hour long session by telephone (or video call or webinar).  One session will be for a particular theme, then at another time, a second theme, and finally a third theme on a third call.  Of course this is an aspiration, subject to tweaking as we gain more experience.  I hope to send an email blast about when and how to connect.  We will likely start with a simple telephone conference call.  With time and practice we may get to video calls, at least occasionally.

Here is a sample content for the EVENTS page and email notice:
“On Tuesday afternoon, at 5 o’clock EST, [Month/Day/Year], the phone line will be open for conversation.  The theme will be [one will be chosen: race/leadership/freedom].”

  • Phone: Please dial [xxx-xxx-xxxx] and enter session code [abcdefg], OR,
  • Computer: click to follow this link to our online conference call:  []

…it will be just that simple..

My intention is to post something in each category every week or so, and conduct one conference call every month on each theme. That will mean that each person who expressed an interest in being kept informed will get one, or two, or at most, three emails in a month with connection information.

As I am somewhat new to this exact medium, you can anticipate there will be changes from time to time, as I grow into an effective use of these tools.