Three Themes for 2017

Three durable themes to explore with readers and friends in 2017.  I aspire to post at least a blog a week, and conduct a telephone conference call a month.

Leadership in churches. After the resurrection of Jesus, He gave specific orders to His followers. Those who would take His orders seriously, in the context of congregations, will seek to make disciples who make disciples.

Finding spiritual and emotional freedom. This requires dealing effectively with deep hurts and the presence of evil. Promising tools are available, based on a biblical worldview, useful to helpers who engage in spiritual warfare.

Bridging the racial divide between whites and blacks in America. Politics have been divisive and few seem to have actionable plans to overcome this malady. Needed: simple action steps that empower individuals to reach out to one another. This is my response, triggered by the nine murders at Emanuel AME in Charleston SC in 2015.